Witchfire original demos... and why I would destroy voices to make music

Hello to all The Astronauts!


My name is Jon, and I'm a composer and producer based in Washington, D.C. I'd like to offer my services as composer for Witchfire. And I'd like to focus on voices.

Above, you'll find two tracks I created over the past couple of days for you:

1. Fetid Arena - An action-oriented track that starts slow and ominous before erupting into a chugging, dissonant mood focusing on war drums, strings, and a demonic choir.

2. Witchcall - Droning underscore, gorgeous voices destroyed and turned into a low, bassy siren song.

Both of these songs feature vocals -- and both songs destroy those vocals. In particular, Witchcall (and the first half of Fetid Arena) are built around a gorgeous female voice that I pitched down and drowned in effects.

As I see it, the world of Witchfire is swampy and dark and ominous, with enemies entranced by the "music" of witches. There was a beauty in the vocals of the witches, and it's still there, somewhere. But it can only be heard by those susceptible to the call.

My Witchfire soundtrack would be full of vocals that, in most cases, I'd destroy and mangle with effects to turn them into something haunting -- something real and human devoured by something dark and nasty. Destroyed vocals would underscore ambient scenes, and the original wails would come out, undisturbed, during boss fights and pivotal moments. The vocals would be complemented by low, dark tones -- solo cellos, walls of timpanis, crushed guitars -- and melodies from off-kilter, imperfect bells, chimes, and violins.

I think that a world beset by witches needs a soundtrack that bewitches the player. Mine would work to create an ambient unease, buoyed by the power of the less-than-human voice.

Thanks so much for the opportunity.

All best,


Jon Wolper


845-596-4461 (US)


As a composer, I usually focus on darker tones—whether it's ambient or action music. Below are four more recent tracks I wrote that are currently available for licensing in libraries like this one, and might fit the style of Witchfire:

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